Workshops are closed for the season. We will start up again in the Fall and Winter.

In addition to wood fired workshops, we also offer other services related to wood fired ovens. Please read to the bottom of the page.

  Sign up workshops run at Bread Heads in the fall and winter. They typically are for groups of four to six, last 2 to 3 hours, involve hands on instruction and goodies to take home. Times can be some what flexible. But ultimately we are goverened by the oven temp. Saturday morning at 10am is a regular time slot. Coffee, tea and snacks are included.

If you have a group of 4 or more, we can schedule a workshop for your group outside of the regular season.

Register for a workshop

Basic Bread. $50 Per Person plus HST.


This is a great class to get the basics of bread baking, We start with, choice of ingredients, mixing, fermenting, shaping, proofing and baking. There will be loaves to take home and fresh dough to make your own bread at home.

Bagels. $50 per person plus HST.


Bagels are lots of fun to make, but do require certain techniques to make a classic Montreal style bagel. This class will cover that! Bagels and fresh dough to take home. We will supply the cream cheese.

Wood fired Pizza. $50 per person plus HST.


Whether you have a wood fired oven or not, this class will cover all aspects of pizza making for you in your home kitchen. From the mixing of dough, stretching, topping and baking.  Best part of this class is, you can eat what you make!

We also offer a weekend wood fired workshop. $300 plus HST.

  Workshops incude pizzas on the first day, breads, muffins, scones and cookies to take home on the second day. There is a lot of information contained in this workshop, it's suited for the enthusiast or perhaps someone who will be professionally working with a wood fired oven.  

 The class is designed to take up to three hours (each day) over two consecutive days. Workshops are hands on, are suited for four people and will involve, but are not limited to the following topics. 

                                                                          DAY ONE


  Firing the oven. A general discussion on techniques and methods to lighting the oven. Followed by an overview of how long it takes for the oven to get up to temperature and how long to come down. A discussion on curing an oven.

The Oven.

 As we feed the fire and wait for the oven to heat up. We discuss purchasing a wood fired oven, manufacturers, importing, options available, which model for your needs, tools of the trade, what wood to burn, installation, curing & resources for all your needs, as well as understanding how a wood fired oven works.


 Ingredients.  Prepare a batch of pizza dough, and a batch of basic bread dough ready for the next day's morning bake. We will cover kneading, stretching, proofing and final proofing.


  Learn how to make Neopolitan style pizza, including  preparing the oven for pizza baking,  stretching the dough, how to top, loading the pizza into the oven, turning the pizza using the blade, removing the pizza, & cutting.  Taste what we made as we compare the pizzas and talk about quality, followed by a casual question time about all the above and more.

This session will end with closing the oven and leaving it ready for the next day's morning bake.


                                                                      DAY TWO


 Preparing the oven for baking breads. Cut and weigh the dough, shape breads for final proofing, loading bread into the oven, misting, releasing steam, unloading the bread and cooling.


Prepare and bake, muffins, scones, and cookies. Times and temperatures. Baking techniques.

 We will recap the two days. The workshop will end with, breads, muffins, scones, and cookies  to take home. Our on going support will be available  as needed on your wood fired oven journey.

 Workshops are run between October and May. To be part of a workhop please email Bread Heads. Times are somewhat flexible, the two day format is not, as we want to demonstrate the closing and opening of a wood fired oven for baking. We book a workshop when we have four interested folks. Workshops are on Saturday and Sundays.

Workshop with your wood fired oven. $75 per hour. plus HST.

We offer this service for people or a businesss who own their own oven, but are unsure of how to operate it. The pace of the workshop is determined by how much knowledge has been learned already, or by what the ultimate goal is. Workshop is billed on an round trip basis from Kitchener. We can travel near and far.

Have our team run your oven. $125 per hour. plus HST.

This service is offered for people who have a wood fired oven and are entertaining a lot of people and don't want to be chained to the preparation of food all night.

You supply all that is needed and we do all the work, or for an additional fee, we can supply everything.


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